COAL Out-of-State Fee Waiver

Please fill out the draft award letter and the agreement form in order for qualifying students to receive the College of Arts and Letters Out-of-State Fee Waiver.

You do need to send the award letter and agreement form to all students receiving an OOSFW and the recipient and department head need to sign the agreement form. The student and his/her advisor will have discussed and noted on the application which courses will be designated as “achievement classes” for fall and spring semesters.

This agreement will be the base for a yearly progress review by the associate dean and department head to determine if the waiver will be renewed for a subsequent academic year.


  1. Award letter:

    1. Place on letter head stationery.
    2. Personalize, including the following places:
      1. Student’s name and home mailing address.
      2. Replace bracketed information with your department name.
    3. Department head signs the award letter
  2. OOSFW form:

    1. Insert” Department”, “Student Name” and “BearPass number”.
    2. Designate the courses that will be “achievement classes” for fall and spring.
    3. Print two copies of agreement form and have department head sign both.
    4. Mark one of the agreement form copies as “Student Copy”.

  3. Mail award letter, two copies of the agreement form, and a self-addressed return envelope.

  4. Student will sign the agreement form and return it to the department, and keep the student copy for his/her records.

  5. Retain original returned copy of completed agreement form for departmental records.

  6. Make three copies of the signed agreement form and send to the student’s advisor, Financial Aid, and the COAL office.

 To clarify in case you are asked, an OOSFW cannot be awarded until the student has been admitted to Missouri State University and a BearPass number assigned.


OOSFW Documents:

* These documents are restricted to MSU faculty/staff and require Microsoft Word® to complete.