Services Offered

The COAL Com Team provides free expertise in the areas of graphic design, photography, videography, writing and editing. Email the team at to initiate a request.

A smaller project that needs little coordinated effort (i.e., blog and social media posts, flyer or press release) may not require a formal meeting.
However, to begin larger projects and campaigns, the team may request to meet with the client to ensure clear communication of process and outcome. Production schedule, project details and client objectives [link to FAQ #2] will be discussed at that meeting.


You will be involved in the proofing process from start to finish. You will review and provide feedback on the project at several stages during the process, and you will give the final approval before the project is delivered to the printer. Although members of our team also proof the material, the responsibility of making sure everything is accurate rests with you.

*Due to timeliness, this excludes blog and social media posts, which may be published without prior oversight from the person who requested it. The team takes responsibility for any errors that may occur and will correct the post as soon as possible.